Tuesday: Gone shopping

Canada and back in a CTSW

THE stumbling blocks were that I couldn’t get the specific SAR statement. I couldn’t buy unlimited cover. The vice president at the firm had taken an extra day’s holiday. The CAA statement was still proving elusive.

I enlisted the help of a chap called Rob Weaver, who volunteered to help with the European aviation authorities.

I paid for one of the ground crew to take me into town on a snowmobile, walked into the only shop, and asked for a gas canister for my stove. They were sold out.

One of the customers, an older chap, said in stuttering English that he had one at home I could buy. Negotiations began. Good fun, in a way, with lots of smiles. To this day I’m not sure if I paid £5 or £50 for the canister.

At about midnight, I finally figured out all my weight and balance calculations and emailed them from my phone.