eNews – August 2017

BMAA launches cable saga survey

THE BMAA is conducting a survey for owners of Pegasus, Mainair or P&M Aviation aircraft affected by the recent frayed cable saga.

As we reported in MF, in May P&M Aviation issued a service bulletin following the partial failure of a GT450 side cable, that is, a flying wire. The bulletin, which was then backed by a CAA emergency mandatory permit directive, called for the replacement of rigging cables with roll-swaged end terminals on all P&M aircraft over seven years old or with more than 750h on the clock. The full list is the Flash range, Scorcher, Mainair Mercury, the Mainair Blade range, Quik GT450, QuikR, Quik GTR and PulsR.

“The BMAA has been made aware of problems experienced by owners who have received parts which are sub-standard, incorrect for their aircraft or without adequate documentation,” said chief inspector Rob Mott. “We are conducting a survey to identify the extent and range of these issues to assist with the rectification process. “Please respond to it as fully as possible and no later than 14 August. We apologise for the short time period.” You can find the survey here.

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
HEAVENS, you lot do get around: this month we’ve everything from a balmy summer day for haymaking in Worcestershire to -29˚C in snowbound Norway. As always, the chosen few in your next MF. VIEW THE SEPTEMBER ENTRIES.
AGM now in December

THE 2017 BMAA AGM will be held on 16 December in Deddington, Oxfordshire, rather than at next year’s Popham as planned. Full details in your next MF.

Because the plans for an AGM have changed, there will be an election process for council membership as usual, so nominations are sought from BMAA members wishing to stand as directors of the BMAA, starting from the 2017 AGM. The process for nomination is described in the BMAA council membership nomination form, downloadable here or available on request from the BMAA office. Nominations must be returned, fully completed, no later than 1600 hours on 15 September.

If there are more nominations than places available on the council, an election will be held. Nominees’ details will be published on the BMAA website from 16 September. Your manifesto and image, along with supporting messages written by your proposer and seconder, should be emailed to Geoff Weighell at geoff@bmaa.org.

A quiet do

INTERESTED in electric aircraft? You need to be in Switzerland on 9-10 September, when the regional airport at Grenchen hosts the first fly-in for electric-powered machines.

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Tom earns Citation

STUDENT pilot Tom McNicholas had a slightly more interesting lesson than planned when Flight Sport Aviation instructor Tom Harding spotted a Cessna Citation bizjet heading straight for them at 276mph. Tom, who was taking his student through stalls practice over Beachy Head, flung the C42 into a sharp right-hand turn and avoided what the Airprox Board report said was a “serious risk of collision”. The Airprox Board commended him for maintaining a good lookout while he was instructing.

Feathering the prop

NEWTOWNARDS Pioneer 200 pilot Mike McCrudden regularly takes his dog Lexie flying, but Perth SkyRanger owner Allan Gilruth has gone one better with his pet budgie. “He’s a born flyer,” said Allan.

MiG mug

THIS Belarus Air Force pilot may have some explaining to do after he raised the undercarriage of his MiG-29 when it hadn’t quite reached flying speed. Mind you, the BAF seems to have a rather freeform attitude to the rules, if this landing on the Minsk-Mogilev road by a Mig-29 and a Sukhoi Su-25 are anything to go by.

Every little boy’s dream

PUT this on your bucket list: go to New Zealand, visit the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, and go flying in one of Peter Jackson’s 70 First World War aircraft.

How fast?

EVER been pottering along in the days before GPS in your AX, X-air or Thruster and asked ATC for your groundspeed? Well, sorry about this, but prepare to be outranked by former Blackbird pilot Major Brian Shul.

Goodbye, cruel world

Ever felt a burning desire to throw yourself out of the bomb bay of a Flying Fortress? Of course you have. Be our guest.

All hail Alexander the great

CAPTAIN Alexander Akopov did a brilliant job of landing his Airbus blind in Istanbul after giant hailstones smashed the windscreen.

Smoothly does it

A greaser from this Airbus pilot. Watch and emulate.

Water matter

AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli ditches some ditching myths.

Let’s give James a nice wake

BORED being inside the plane? Then stand on it and go wingboarding with James the android, who’s busy testing the next extreme aerial sport: wakeboarding in the sky.