eNews – February 2018

Don’t lose your logbook!

FOR if you do, you’re in for a world of pain, including two CAA interviews and a £200 bill. Where an individual is unable to provide logbook evidence of their required hours due to loss, damage, theft or data corruption, the CAA will no longer accept the submission of a sworn affidavit as the primary means of accepting hours for the grant of a licence, rating, certificate or the revalidation and extension/or removal of restriction of privileges. Instead, you have to go through a process which makes the instruction manual for a Garmin 496 look like a haiku.

However, there is a simple solution from BMAA licensing supremo Aaron Bliss. Read your next MF to find what it is…

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
SOME fabulous examples this month of chiaroscuro, which as you all know is the interplay of light and shade for dramatic effect. Or it could have been the light dancing off Lucy Griffin’s engagement ring. Congratulations, Lucy! VIEW THE MARCH ENTRIES.
Be better with Bell

FORMER MF reporter Lawrence Bell must never sleep. Now the owner and CFI of the North East Flying Club, he also runs Quizaero, an online course for student pilots. His latest really useful blogs are:

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VIDEO OF THE MONTH: White and wonderful

GLORIOUS footage of a flight over winter snow by Ethan Sherry in a SkyRanger out of Carrickmore airfield in Northern Ireland. Editor Geoff Hill, who grew up in a Nissen hut near the village long before there was an airfield, confessed to a manly tear as he gazed at the fields in which he spent his childhood several lifetimes ago.

Life’s a beach, and then you fly

A BRACING winter’s day in Northern Ireland? Perfect for a visit to the beach, thought Gavin Curtis, grabbing the keys to his C42.

Flying in five

FLYLIGHT’s Ben Ashman showing how you can rig the PeaBee nanotrike in five minutes, after the development he promised in Steve Uzochukwu’s flight test in November MF. “The wing will derig on the trike, with the wings folding inwards in the same fashion as the FoxCub, but with the addition of rigging struts,” explains Steve. “This allows the wing to fit in the same short pack bag as the FoxCub, while remaining on the trike, leading to the five-minute rig as promised.”

Make short work of your landings

PROUD of your short-field work? Now’s your chance to prove it: the world’s first aircraft short takeoff and beach landing competition on sand this summer includes a category for fixed-wing machines under 501kg as well as the more usual bush planes and vintage biplanes. It’s on the beach of the fashionable spa town of Knokke-Heist in Belgium on 14-17 June. Click here for some tips and inspiration. Done? Here’s your entry form.

It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it

SOME lovely drone images of the annual Forbes hang gliding competition in Australia, spotted by Owain Johns. One of the competitors was former Flylight employee Ollie Chitty, who as you saw last month set a world distance record of 241 miles.

Crash course

WHEN MF editor Geoff Hill was learning to fly, his instructor said a wise man learns from his mistakes, and an even wiser man learns from the mistakes of others. So watch and learn, especially at a time of year when many of us are polishing our rusty skills. Spotted by BMAA safety guru John Teesdale.

Old, but still bold

SECOND World War Dakota pilot Gerald Parker gets to take the controls of one again – and, at 95, still pulls off the sweetest landing you’ll see this side of Texas.

My flying sucks compared to Hoover’s

Think you’re a good pilot? Think again after watching Bob Hoover do aerobatics in the Aero Commander Shrike business aircraft with both engines shut down. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, here he is pouring tea while rolling – without spilling a drop.

Aussies waive the rules

WHEN two Australian teenagers got caught in a riptide and were being pounded by surf half a mile offshore, lifeguards would normally have faced a punishing jet-ski trip out to help them. Instead, they pulled their new quadcopter out of the box and sent it off to drop a flotation device – a world first.

The height of appiness

NOT sure what altitude you’re at? Download the new Precision Altimeter app from Belite Enterprises, demonstrated here. It’s in the iTunes store free until 22 February using the secret code H77K3PT94XPA. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone.

Whisper it quietly

LILIUM, the German start-up firm developing the world’s first all-electric vertical take-⁠off and landing jet, has won the 2018 Early Stage Company of the Year award at the Global Cleantech 100 Awards. The awards are for the most innovative and promising ideas that aim to solve the clean technology challenges of the future. Lilium’s planned electric five-seater jet will cruise at up to 186mph, with a flying time of up to one hour on a charge. The company has already flown its two-seater prototype in the skies above Munich.

Must be a wind up

TOO poor to afford a parachute? Never mind: you can still compete in the Wind Games.

Shoot for the moon

EXCLUSIVE from the Suffolk Gazette: a new Norfolk fighter jet designed to rival the Eurofighter Typhoon has been spurned by alleged defence experts. The locals are as sick as a squadron of parrots.