eNews – July 2017

One lucky man

AN incredible escape for flexwing pilot Eric Rhodes, who fell from 2300ft after a wing collapsed. Convinced he was going to die, Eric said goodbye to his wife as the ground rushed up. Swns.com has the story.

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
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He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

YOU may remember Irish teenager Mikey McMahon from his first nervous steps into the air with dad Paul in a documentary on Fly-UK. Well, he’s come a bit of a way since then: now a British Airways pilot, he’s treating little brother Robbie, who suffers from a rare genetic disease, to a year of flying fun, as reported in the Irish Mirror. What’s nice is that Mikey’s filming their adventures together, too: here’s film of Robbie’s first flight, in an Ikarus C42 out of Kernan.

AAIB’s 57 safety varieties

THE Air Accidents Investigation Branch annual review has all the details of its activity during 2016 and includes an overview of the 57 safety recommendations and safety actions. There are also a couple of interesting articles on the AAIB’s use of simulators and drones in accident investigation.

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It’s a fly-in, Jim, but Knott as we know it

LANCASHIRE Landings at Knott End is the UK’s biggest beach fly-in, with 54 aircraft taking part this year to raise £600 for veterans of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. “Sand, chips and ice cream! A great day out!” said organiser Chester Potts. Picture special on the event in your next MF.

Keep it simple, stupid

AT £16,000 ready to fly or £12,000 for a kit that takes 40h to build, the Eurofly Minifox, revealed at the BMAA SSDR Freedom Rally by importer Skydrive, is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to go flying. Flight test coming soon, but there’s a sneak preview here. The UK version has an electric start.

Yearnin’ for Kernan

IF you haven’t flown into the friendly Kernan Aviation club in Northern Ireland, here’s something to tempt you. Sure, why would you want a runway wider than your undercarriage anyway?

Peak viewing time

PAUL Haxby takes the high road to Snowdon. Paul notes in the comments to the video that “I only touched the controls during take off, landing and to change direction. Very warm air with excellent visibility, and so, so easy to sit back and enjoy the view.” So that’s what those guys do up there…

I used to shoot these down, you know

A FORMER Luftwaffe ace has achieved a long-held ambition – to fly in a Spitfire. Hugo Broch, 95, was credited with 81 victories in 324 missions during the war, all on the Eastern Front.

G-VOLO turning final for the taxi rank

E-VOLO, the German company that’s been developing a two-seat VTOL for several years, has signed an agreement with the government of Dubai to test-fly autonomous air taxis there by the end of this year. As already reported in eMF, a sky taxi service was already supposed to be starting in Dubai this summer.

Volvo on our tail, skipper

THE Terrafugia flying car company has been sold to the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the Chinese conglomerate that owns Volvo and Lotus. Terrafugia, founded by graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been working on the vehicle since 2006. It flew at EAA AirVenture in 2013. Since then, the company has been working to develop the design, and on a concept for a four-seat hybrid-electric flying car capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

Factor 50 sun scream

HANDY hint for sunbathers: don’t do it too close to a runway threshold. This chap nearly came a cropper at a beach in Heligoland, northern Germany, when PA-28 pilot Juergen Drucker cut things a little, er, fine.

DC does it

THE next time you’re in a DC-3 and the stewardess comes running down the aisle screaming: “Can anyone here land this thing?” you can say with masterly calmness: “Sure thing. I’ve seen the video, so how hard can it be?”

Miracle escape

HOW only three people lost their lives in the 2013 Air Asiana crash at San Francisco International Airport, when you see this new footage of it cartwheeling down the runway, is astonishing.

Homeward bound

HEARD from a foreign student turning off after landing at a strange airport.
Tower: “What are your intentions?”
Student: “Returning to China as soon as possible!”

Submitted by Robert Reser