eNews – March 2014

Open meeting planned

FOR all recreational pilots flying in the south of England, the Farnborough airspace proposal is a serious threat to current operations. A meeting is to be held at Lasham on 23 March to explain the seriousness of the proposal and advise pilots on how they can help influence the outcome.

This is an open meeting for all aviators. For further information please see the information poster by following this link.

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
SOMETHING of a Scottish flavour to this month’s competition, with three of the seven entries coming from north of the border. Winners, as ever, in your next MF. VIEW THE APRIL ENTRIES
Threat to Long Marston

AVIATION at Long Marston Airfield is under threat from a potential local government plan to build houses on the site.

Page 21 of the latest Stratford-on-Avon housing strategy document says: “Long Marston Airfield is a largely greenfield site currently in use as a private airfield and for a range of other commercial activities. Various music and other events are also held here each year. Development in this location would necessitate the termination of the existing flying operations and other activities.”

Read more, including news about how the General Aviation Awareness Council plans to fight the proposal, in your next MF.

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Help needed with Yorkshire airstrip planning appeal

A YORKSHIRE B&B owner is looking for support for his airstrip planning application. Bob Walker, who owns South Moor Farm, a small farm in the North York Moors National Park, has been refused planning permission to construct an airstrip and hangar for four aircraft owned by local pilots. The farm also offers bed and breakfast which could have been used by visiting pilots.

Refusal was mainly on the grounds that the noise of up to 10 flights per day would spoil the peace and tranquillity of the National Park and disturb birds and animals – but there have been no objections from local neighbours. A noise survey has concluded that the disturbance would be minimal against a background of farm machinery, vehicles on the road, forestry operations and RAF training sorties, and Bob has appealed the decision. You can view and support his appeal here.

Olympics déjà vu

BETWEEN 23 July and 3 August, the Commonwealth games are to be held in Glasgow.
As with the Olympic Games in 2012, there are security implications, so we can expect some restrictions to flying and some special procedures.

The CAA is proposing to hold a launch event in Glasgow in early April; details have yet to be finalized, but anyone interested in attending should email Geoff Weighell so he can forward your details to the CAA for information distribution.

Get weaving

PLANNING to head to the first FAI European Paramotor Slalom Championships in France in July? Click here for everything you need to know – and if you’d like a little taster of what to expect, click on the image above for a video of the British team in action at the FAI World Championships in Aspres sur Buech, France, last year.

Let’s go Gasco

GASCO, the General Aviation Safety Council, emails a monthly online update which is always interesting. Get on the list by phoning 01634 200203 or dropping them an email.

Keep your chin up, chaps and chapesses

HEAD-UP displays for microlights? If they can do it for bikes, why not, says Kevin Armstrong. As he says, it could show heading and height information while allowing a good lookout instead of peering down. Here’s a review from Motorbike Times of a new product from Bike Systems; it’s yet to receive the nod from the grey men of government, but clearly has fans in the biking community.

South Pole: The movie

WELL, not quite a movie, but some fascinating footage of the British Antarctic Microlight Team’s winter training in Sweden. And if you can stand the cold, you can get regular updates on the expedition website.

Something a little different for the summer

BORED with summer hols in Skegness? Take a little trip to Mars. Spotted by Ted Snook, our eMF NMBF correspondent.

Scramble? Sorry, not until the office opens

WANT to hijack an airliner in Switzerland? Easy. Just do it outside office hours.

Prop the feather immediately

OUCH! What happens when a very large bird hits your windscreen at 170mph.

Life’s a beach when you land too fast

OUCH 2! St Bart’s in the Caribbean is one strip where you need to pin your approach speed…

Battery boost

THE future for electric aviation powerplants?

How long does this fuse last? Oh…

SOME handy hints from military training manuals, courtesy of Ted Snook. Print them out and keep them in the cockpit. You never know when you might need them.

Long way down

WALKING a wire between two hot-air balloon baskets at altitude? As difficult as you’d think – as a team of French acrobats found when they tried it. But they say they are going to keep trying till they make it.

Others have crossed between balloons using a rigid high wire, and last year a tightrope walker in China, Aisikaier Wubulikasimu, walked between two hot-air balloons, traversing an 18m-long, 5cm-wide steel beam. But a flexible wire? Nah…