eNews – November 2013

Flying Show latest

“WHAT Flying Show’s that, sir?”

“Yes, yes, very funny, Jones Minor. Go and stand in the corner until about March.”

The list of exhibitors for the UK’s biggest indoor aviation event, at the NEC from 30 November to 1 December, is steadily growing. Keep up to date with who will be there by following this link; for news, including product news, try the Flying Show Twitter feed. And, of course, don’t forget to buy your advance member discount ticket.

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
FLYING season? What flying season? Flying is an all-year-round activity for you happy snappers out there, if another bumper postbag is anything to go by. As always, the worthy winners will be announced in your next MF – by which time we’ll also know the winners of the annual photo competition, to be announced at the AGM during the Flying Show. VIEW THE DECEMBER ENTRIES
Seven years on, and e-Go takes to the air

THE long-awaited e-Go has made its first public flight after seven years of development, and BMAA Chairman David Bremner was there. Read his report in your next MF, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on a sight which will make your eyes water and your credit card tremble (it is a mite on the expensive side…).

That was the year that was, that was

YES, your BMAA annual report is now available exclusively here.

Dawn patrol for me, please

CALLING all obsessive planners: you can now book your slot to fly in to AeroExpo from 30 May to 1 June next year at Sywell.

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Safety feedback: your country needs you

THE new monthly e-newsletter from GASCo goes out to anyone who subscribes to GASCo Flight Safety magazine and those who indicated that they wished to receive safety information from GASCo at seminars, safety evenings and other events. With its circulation growing, GASCo would like your feedback on how the newsletter can be improved. Just click here

How to stop fields rotating

SOME handy hints from US aviation guru Rod Machado on why aircraft spin, what you should never do when entering a stall, and what you must do to avoid an inadvertent spin.

The Channel conqueror flies again

THE 9hp machine in which Shadow designer David Cook made a record-breaking flight across the Channel in 1978 has taken to the skies again, thanks to a Lithuanian pilot on a mission. And thanks to the BHPA’s Skywings magazine, we can now read all about it…

Lights, camera, and… rolling

THE hangar doors, that is, in this masterful piece of work from William Fielding, who is no relation to member John Fielding apart from being his son.

“William is studying film at Falmouth and is destined to be the next Steven Spielberg,” said John. “On first viewing it, I was dismayed for three reasons. Firstly, can we really have flown for 6h to end up with 4min of video? Secondly, having my name in the title is uncooly immodest. Lastly: Holy moly! Do I really walk like that?”

New destination from TC Airlines

A SHORT film from pilot and professional photographer Tobi Corney, having fun with his new video camera.

Triumph of the will

CLICK on the image for an inspiring story of how a badly injured soldier got his wings…

Is it just us?

…AND here for a less inspiring story of how a city council is having to pay 10 grand for a failed asylum seeker to get his.

No future for Skycatcher: Cessna chief

CESSNA’s LSA Skycatcher has “no future”, Cessna CEO Scott Ernest has told shocked American aviation journalists. Avweb has the news here, which is short and sweet; they found much more to say about Ernest’s performance, here.

As reader Tony Prentice pointed out, increasing the price of the aircraft by 50% before delivery cannot have helped sales…

Short. But sweet.

THIS interesting spot of cliff diving in Alaska isn’t just for show, says designer Alec Wild. Alec, a wildlife conservationist based in Kenya, says the DoubleEnder which he has been flying since 2010 evolved from “years of experience bush-flying and dreaming about what could be improved upon”. When the design is finalized, he said, the aircraft may be offered for sale as a kit.

If you’ve checked out that first link and wonder how it feels for the pilot, well, here’s how…

Save of the century

AN incredible escape for nine skydivers and two pilots after a midair collision.

I can see our house from here

GOT 75 grand and nowhere to spend it? What about a nice balloon ride in space? An Arizona company is planning to offer rides to 98,000ft in a pressurized capsule suspended beneath a helium balloon for $75,000 per seat from 2016.

D2 Mark One…

DYNON’s new D2 Pocket Panel, rather than being limited to a built-in display, communicates wirelessly with tablet apps. Running on a 4h battery or aircraft power, it’s just been launched Stateside at $1425, and will presumably be making its way to this side of the pond asap.

D2 Mark Two

JUST like London buses, those D2 gizmos… Garmin’s version is a pilot watch that features GPS navigation, built-in altimetry with alerting, multiple timers, and even wireless camera control. It’s £365 in the UK.

Mouth shut, ready for splashdown

FROM Ted Snook, either a very impressive piece of wingsuit flying or video fakery.

Hush hush crunch crunch

WHOOPS. Not a problem we tend to have, but the experienced pilots in this video were apparently concentrating so hard on the approach to a strip in the Alps that they failed to notice the audible warning to lower the landing gear. According to member Raymond Smith, there’ve been several similar incidents in Australia because ANR headsets are so good at cancelling external noise. Be advised…