eNews – November 2015

Red Bull lite: how to do it

DAVID Broom has been in training for the World Air Games in Dubai in December. “It’s easy to jump to the conclusion from the video that we have some cowboys here, when the reverse is the case,” said David’s dad Mick. “The test was conducted to establish actual conditions in preparation for the event in Dubai, working with the CAA and the factory with approved test pilots, so not something which can be done by anyone. The planes are especially prepared and have full instrumentation to establish the performance values, bank angle and G loads.”

And how not to…

“I WAS running fuel burn tests on the Airplay Aviation Dragon Chaser demonstrator to fine-tune the burn rate, and was so focused on the instrumentation measuring down to a few ccs, I believed the sight tube showing plenty in the tank,” said Mick Broom. “This, as it turned out, was not working and I ran out of fuel. The really embarrassing thing is, I did the same thing about 20 years ago in the Shadow. I must be getting really old, but it’s good practice for a rusty pilot.”

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
NINETEEN stunning shots in the pot this month, ranging from as far afield as the Alps and Annapurna – but three great images taken over radiation fog show that you don’t have to go far if you’ve got an eye for a stunning photo. Which you have, take it from us. VIEW THE DECEMBER ENTRIES.
Belfast airspace proposal

NATS has proposed a change to the classification of some of the airspace in the Belfast TMA. Changing some areas from Class E to Class D will require all VFR traffic to request a clearance into the new Class D that is not currently required for Class E. NATS makes a safety case for the proposed change, citing a reduction in controller workload, a reduction in RT and pilot workload, a less confusing chart and a better known airspace environment as good reasons for the change.

Will this affect your flying? Do you agree or disagree with the change? Unlike some airspace change proposals (ACP) which, as they are presented, are obviously not justified, this could be one which we support, for the reasons that NATS gives. Please take time to read the proposal document and respond, and please also feed back your comments to the BMAA so that we too might be better placed to respond. Your comments for the BMAA response should be emailed to Geoff Weighell at geoff@bmaa.org.

Lucy is youngest female pilot in UK

LUCY Griffin, 18, has just become the UK’s youngest female microlight pilot, with the help of a BMAA bursary. “Lucy has been so focused on flying that she only had her first driving lesson yesterday,” said proud dad Tim.
Driving instructor to Lucy: “Have you ever driven a car before?”
Lucy to driving instructor: “No, but I have got a pilot’s licence.”

BMAA bursary winner feeling sky high

SOME more great press coverage of another BMAA bursary winner, this time Morpeth teenager Jed Fisher, who has soloed at 16. Jed has been learning how to fly a flexwing with Purple Aviation at Eshott Airfield since he was 14.

EASA does it

EASA is conducting a survey to gauge satisfaction in its provision of flight safety promotion. It should only take five minutes, but look sharp, since the deadline is Monday 16 November.

Radio Gaga? Calm down and read on

STILL confused about the transition to 8.33kHz radios? If you missed Geoff Weighell’s excellent explanation in MF, here’s the CAA version.

BMAA annual report and AGM agenda

THE BMAA’s annual general meeting will be held as usual at our big trade event – this year, Flyer Live, at the International Centre, Telford – on 28 November. The agenda for the AGM is available to view on the BMAA website, where you will also find a copy of the BMAA annual report.

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Checked and current

“MANY years ago, the BGA published a simple guidance chart for pilots to get an idea of how current they are,” said Saxon Microlights CFI Joan Walsh. “One of the points was that the number of launches (ie take-offs in powered aircraft parlance) is as important as hours in the air for counting currency as a pilot. I adapted it into a microlight version when I first started instructing over 10 years ago, and here it is for a new audience.”

Vive Wanafly!

AMANDA and Dave Lord’s Wanafly school in France has got a great spread in Living France, a magazine for expats enjoying the sun, good food, cheap wine and decent flying weather over there. Excuse us at MF Global HQ while we take another look at the rain battering the window, then go and sob in the corner for a bit…

P. And M, for no extra charge

All the latest news from the chaps at P&M.

Miles of smiles

JORDAN Smith, 16, having her first flight in a paramotor with Clive Mason. “Her dad flies the new Eurostar, so she’s flown many times before, but as you can see, her smile is worth 1000 words. I know I’m biased, but there’s just something very special about paramotors,” said Clive.

Drone up, left and right…

ANDREW Barry, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has flight-tested a drone that can detect obstacles and avoid them at 30mph.

…Drone down

“OK, you little varmint. Come down quietly and keep your antennae where I can see them.”

The Battelle Memorial Institute, a non-profit corporation with a long history of developing new technology (it made the first nuclear rods and invented the foundation technology of the CD) has come up with a way to harmlessly disable drones that are flying where they aren’t supposed to be flying.

The DroneDefender is a gun-like radio transmitter that takes over the drone. The operator then lowers the gun to force the drone to the ground. Because radio jamming is involved, only law enforcement and government agencies can buy the DroneDefender, but given the issues with drones in recent years, that should represent a sizeable market.

Hand me a bedsheet. I’m going for it

MORE scary stuff from Carlos Pedro Briceño, spotted by Ted Snook.

Miles of dials

COURTESY of the BBC, a guided tour of the cockpit of the last flying Vulcan, now sadly grounded due to lack of dosh.

Small plane, big skill

AND a nice piece of piloting by the owner of this more bijou Vulcan after an engine flameout. Thanks again to Ted Snook for this one.

Weather? I make my own, thanks

AN Emirates Boeing 777 creating its own cloud patterns.

Look, mum, I can fly!

CANADIAN inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru has been tweaking his hoverboard since setting a world duration record six months ago. He hopes to start selling them from a Montreal factory by 2017.

Oh, I’ve gone all dizzy

WE’VE linked to this site before, but these things get ever more sophisticated. A hypnotic and useful wind and weather map, courtesy of Paul Haxby.

There’s first class, and there’s this

NEXT time you get stuck in economy, just be glad you’re still inside the aircraft, unlike Yves Rossy and his protégé, the Jetman of Dubai.