eNews – September 2017

Rob hits the spot

ROB Grimwood nailing a spot landing in his SkyRanger at the European Championships in Hungary, filmed by Povilas Kalinauskas, president of the Lithuanian ultralight aircraft federation. Team GB came home with three bronze medals, as you can read in Mary Russell’s report in your next MF. Mind you, Rob had better be looking over his shoulder, with this little chap perfecting some very tight circuits at the event.

Geoff Hill, Editor

Photo CompetitionPhoto Competition
ANYONE complaining of lack of variety in this month’s competition will be shot at dawn, as we have a bulging digital postbag of 22 great entries covering everything from the south of France to the Scottish Highlands, and Blackpool to Barbados. As always, the chosen few in your next MF. VIEW THE OCTOBER ENTRIES.
Evektor to change Eurostar exhaust design

EUROSTAR manufacturer Evektor is to change the design of the aircraft’s exhaust system after some owners reported problems with the new design of the rear exhaust tube fitted to Rotax 912s. In the meantime, UK importer Light Sport Aviation is testing several options for existing owners: replacement, repair or a third-party exhaust. Full details in your next MF.

CAA goes for Plan B

THE CAA has launched a major push backing ADS-B to help reduce airspace infringements and mid-air collisions. The system uses 1090MHz through transponders for increased electronic awareness of other aircraft. A CAA survey is seeking information on the types of devices private pilots already use and what they would prefer to use in future. It closes on 29 September.

Come in, Blue Two

ALL pilots and instructors should have an RT licence, says Deepak Mahajan.

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Night of the air

A FABULOUS video of an Idaho flexwing taking to the air during the eclipse, spotted by Roger Pattrick.

Ham to Spam

A SIX-hour flight in a two-stroke from East Durham to Spamfield for a brilliant weekend,” said Al Charlton. Full report in your next MF.

Ben scores a PB

BEN Ashman testing the dinky new PeaBee nanotrike, expected to cost around £9960 when it comes on the market any day now. We’ll have a flight test in MF asap.

Dib dib and chocks away

EVERY four years, Kent Scouts host a jamboree for more than 5000 Scouts from around the world at the Kent Showground in Detling, and this year, as always, the Kent Scouts microlight team provided air-experience flights for as many of those Scouts as they could during the camp.

Birds of a feather

JACK McCluskey was just rounding out on a day trip from Kernan Aviation in Northern Ireland with Ruth Devlin to a private strip, when a feathered friend got a bit too close to their C42 for comfort. It may be only a coincidence, but Ruth switched to a Eurostar for her next video of three of the little silver darlings having fun at the hands of pilots Jack McCluskey, Shane Kearney and Gary Nicholson.

Splash with dash

LIKE Foxbats? Like lakes in forests? Favourite colour yellow? Boy, are you in for a treat with this trip to Baboosic Lake in New Hampshire by PilotWorkshops founder Mark Robidoux, spotted by John Hughes. And if you’ve bought a floatplane on eBay after too many glasses of wine, then realised you live in the desert, here’s a handy alternative takeoff method, spotted by Drew McAvoy.

A grand day out

ON any given Sunday, the pilots of The Chase, a farm strip near Chipping Sodbury north of Bristol, go flugelling, and Ciara Hillyer not only went along for the ride, but took this excellent video of the day.

Don’t fumble into a tumble

THERE are some sobering videos on YouTube of trikes taking a tumble, such as this one of a trike tumbling from a failed loop and this one, of a tumbling hang glider following a failed spin entry: read Bill Brooks’ excellent guide on how to avoid getting yourself into the same mess in your next MF.

Flying with Foster

MICROLIGHT legend Richard Foster, who died from a heart attack last month at only 39, flying a Cyclone AX3 from Plaistows farm near St Albans to Roddige airfield, Lichfield, with Thermic Phil Strangward. Back home, Phil set his alarm for stupid o’clock and went for a dawn flight in his Pegasus XL-Q over the Howden, Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs in the Derbyshire Peak District, where 617 Squadron practised for the Dambusters raid.

Dublin here I come!

FANCY a spin at the sharp end of a Boeing 737? Member Gavin Curtis has built his very own full-size sim. Join him on this flight from Southampton to Dublin.

Yes, that wood work

ALWAYS wanted to build your own Mosquito but not known where to find the plans? Here you go: 20,000 of them have just been found in an Airbus office. They were in the filing cabinet marked Mosquito Plans.

Engines? So last week, dude

A GLIDER has been flown to a record 52,172ft over Patagonia.

Flying a drone: everything you ever needed to know

IF you got a drone for your birthday last week and it’s crashed into the neighbour’s garden twice already, Jess Miller has written this detailed, up-to-date 7000-word guide packed with tips and advice on how to fly one.

Bunny: the movie

A GREAT mini-documentary on the building and flying of Bunny Bremner’s Bristol Scout by grandsons David and Rick and friend Theo Wilford. You may recognise the distinguished chap in the leather coat.

And if you like this, the feature-length documentary Bristol Scout: Rebuilding History is available for purchase here.