March 2013

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page 18
The strange case of the air marshal’s turban

In part three of his series on flight testing Streak Shadows for the Indian Air Force, Anthony Preston thinks he’s taking the air marshal up for a flight. It turns out to be the other way around…

page 20
Midnight airshow

Merv Middleton becomes the first – and last?– civvy to fly in to Europe’s oldest airshow

page 24
Clancy’s boots

In which your editor cooks up a rum excuse to dodge his MF responsibilities

page 26
Skyranger RPV

Long before we met Flylight’s SkyRanger, capital R, a different one flew – one without three-axis controls, without even the need for a pilot. John Bridges looks into one of the RAF’s stranger commissions

page 30
The sky’s my playground

Not too many students do their GST in school uniform for a laugh. But Michael McMahon, known to many for his appearance in the BBC’s “The Real Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines”, was always going to do things a bit differently.

page 32
Would you like ice with that EFATO, madam?

It was a glorious winter day, and Lorraine Dotchin was on climbout in her venerable Q, Nora, for the first time in ages. It was almost her last…

page 34
Bolted aluminium tube construction

Part two of three in Chief Technical Officer Ben Syson’s series on building a lightweight aluminium airframe

page 39
Go west, young aviator

Flying to France: dealing with customs and passport control

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