February 2015

Microlight Flying - February 2015

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page 16
A light that burned so bright

A celebration of the life of Evie Douglas, by stepmum Jill

page 18
Icicle Fly-In

Delayed to the end of December by infuriatingly warm weather, the 2014 Icicle lives up to its name, writes Roger Cornwell

page 20
South across the burning sands

Part 2 of Paul Bennett’s epic journey to deliver a C42 from the UK to the Gambia

page 24
Slow, slow, slow slow slow

That’s the rhythm to dance to when you’re doodling round Britain in a Bug, says Ben Ashman

page 27
Precision flying

Flying with the British Precision Pilots Association doesn’t make you a nerd, it makes you a better pilot, reports Anthony Preston

page 29
New boys on the (engine) block

Brian Hope takes a look round CFS Aero, the UK’s new Rotax agents

page 30
Le Tour de France

…And nary a bicycle to be seen. Phil Hanman and Rob Keene tackle the ULM tour in a PulsR

page 32
Phew, that was close!

Geoff Weighell on how mid-air collisions happen, and how to avoid them

page 34
Insanity: A beginner’s guide

Dom Pecheur looks at the pros and cons of making your own microlight

page 36
Touring tips

Rick Goddin of Whitehill Farm Aero Club looks forward to another fabulous year of foreign jaunts

page 38

Martin Jady introduces his new monthly competitions column

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