January 2016

Microlight Flying - January 2016

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page 19
Shoes, Wine? Check. Stuff the rest

Jill Douglas and Andy Oliver show how to say goodbye to your packing and stowage worries

page 22
Gold in the bank

Team GB makes a clean sweep of the medals at the World Air Games in Dubai. Geoff Hill and Rob Keene tell the tale

page 26
Flight test: Sherwood Kub

Paul Bennett has a ball with TLAC’s beautiful SSDR baby: all the looks and pedigree of the Scout and Ranger in a 120kg package

page 30
Go north, young man!

Here be dragons: John Hunt takes an epic journey to the end of the Earth, Norway’s Nordkapp

page 34
Poles apart

National Pole Dancing championships or the fabulous toyland next door, Flyer Live? Geoff Hill takes a right turn

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