September 2017

Microlight Flying - September 2017

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page 20
Icarus Cup

Hania Mohiuddin sees Aerocycle 3 win the sixth annual competition for human-powered flight

page 22
Here comes the sun

Rain on Saturday, ice cream sold out on Sunday. Richard Carbutt enjoys the varied pleasures of Wings & Wheels

page 24
Farewell, fair Chevvron

Patrick Huston bids a regretful adieu to his old friend, damaged in a pancake landing

page 26
South to Greece

Ed McCallum and companions take a long haul to Kefalonia

page 28

Deepak Mahajan is cornered by a violent storm near Paris, but survives to share his story

page 30
Old dogs, new tricks

It’s not smart to stay rooted in old habits – some of this new technology is hot stuff, says veteran microlighter Keith Vinning

page 32

Owain Johns reports from round 2 at Plaistows

page 34
Look! No hands

David Bremner tries out the Eurostar autopilot, otherwise know as his new best friend

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