Microlight Flying goes digital

MAY 2012:  THIS month, and every month from now on, you’ll be hearing from the BMAA twice instead of once. MF will continue to be published at the turn of the month, and in the middle of the month this electronic edition will appear, bringing you extra material we didn’t have room for in the main mag, plus internet and video links to all sorts of interesting aviation stories, and urgent items which can’t wait for the next printed mag.

We’ve called it Microlight Flying e-News, or eMF for short, and we openly admit that we’re feeling our way as regards the format and design. So feedback is very welcome.

The idea is to complement the existing printed magazine, not to replace it – we want to give you more, not less! An electronic publication is relatively inexpensive to produce, so eMF should be able to pay its way with the help of a little advertising; even if it doesn’t, the financial implications will be small.

Magazine archive

Having clicked the link from the email you’ll find that you are now on the Microlight Flying website, where as part of our grand digital project we are building an archive of past issues of the magazine, and galleries of photographs.

Feel free to explore, but please don’t be too disappointed should you run up against a closed door. The magazine archive, notably, is tucked away and protected for BMAA members only. We’ve made one available as a sample for anyone to see (click here), but to view the rest you’ll need a log-in name and password.

We are generating these and will distribute them shortly: you’ll find them printed with your address on your June issue of Microlight Flying, so don’t throw away the address carrier! If you do lose your log-in, just email the Membership team at the BMAA and they’ll help you out. That’s judy@bmaa.org or maria@bmaa.org.

Please let us know what you think of your new digital MF – and remember that the flying joke you’ve just emailed to your mates can now be shared with the whole membership!

Geoff Hill, mfeditor@bmaa.org