December 2011

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page 22
Basic service

Two years after the introduction of the Class G ATC services, Andrew Badham looks at how they’ve shaped up

page 24
The best Christmas?

FEATURE OF THE MONTH: As you tuck into turkey, ham and sprouts this Christmas, spare a thought for Brian Milton, who back in 1987 had what started as the worst and ended as the best Christmas Day of his life

page 30
In search of salted liquorice

David Sudworth flies his Rans to Denmark for his annual Christmas shopping trip

page 32
French recollections

It all seemed so simple when Graham Jupp and Tom Jestico sat down to plan a jaunt to France. And then online flight plans and French-only controllers got in the way?

page 34
Biggles and the Chav

Today we bring you a hitherto unpublished Biggles story. The reason it is hitherto unpublished is because Geoff Hill has just written it. (With apologies to WE Johns.)

page 14

Alec Janaway

page 41
Adventures of a Shadow owner, Part 2

Adrian Jones on the continuing refurbishment of his 1987 Shadow CD

page 42
Council minutes

Extracts from the 3 October meeting

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